Saturday, September 24, 2016

31 Day Challenge: Inspired by a Book- Lord of the Flies

Hello Readers!

Today's 31 day challenge prompt is to be inspired by a book. I ran through a few different ideas in my head before settling on attempting a Lord of the Flies manicure. I mainly picked Lord of the Flies because I felt like I could come up with enough stamping images to pull together different elements of the book.

So I used a few different stamping plates for this, mostly from Bundle Monster's "Hangloose" collection but also a "Time Machine" collection plate. I also used a fimo clay slice for the pig face.

I decided to keep the background the same on all the nails and add little leaves to frame the elements and to provide continuity through the manicure. It also goes along with the setting of the book, which takes place on an island jungle.

In case you haven't read it, or it has been a very long time, in the book a group of school boys get stranded on a jungle island. One of the boys finds a conch shell which they use as a symbol of leadership and to call meetings. The boys basically go feral, kill a pig and put its head on a spear, and have a weird party in a cave with a fire where bad things happen. It's kind of a disturbing book. But at least there is no blood and gore on this mani! lol

Here's a look at the Time Machine plate I used for the fire and cavemen images:

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