Sunday, September 18, 2016

31 Day Challenge: Nightmare Before Christmas themed Half Moons

Hello Readers!

Today for the 31-Day challenge is half-moons. This isn't a look I normally go after because it requires the use of tape... or freehand... but the challenge says half-moons, so half-moons is what I made.

And it may be a little bit early for Halloween-y manicures, but I really wanted to use the "Italian Leather" color and it inspired me to also use a Jack Skellington stamping image.

Originally I was going to use reinforcement holes to create my half-moons, but after trying that on my right hand (my "practice hand" lol) I it would be easier to just free-hand it. I can never get the darn stickers stuck down enough to create a decent barrier and the polish seeps through, so I end up having to touch it up so much anyway that ends up being easier to just do freehand. So these are my freehand half-moons.

I paired the Parfumerie "Italian Leather" polish with Sinful Colors "Lie-Lac" because purple is a very Nightmare Before Christmas color. I made a decal with this stamping plate:

from aliexpress

The stamping plate didn't give me any troubles; it stamped easily and perfectly. 

My spiderweb comes from a Bundle Monster plate from their holiday collection:

Thanks for stopping by! Check out more half-moon looks here:

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